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At MediClaims we focus on making start up easy for you and taking the burden of reimbursement off from you and your staff. We understand that our success is based on your success. Therefore we strive to help you achieve your financial goals and because every dollar is important to you, every claim is important to us.
Glad you asked! The average number of rejected claims for a medical practice is 30 percent, and only 50 percent of these claims are ever resubmitted. We pursue all disputed and unpaid medical insurance claims with aggressive follow-up until there is a resolution. Through our interactive tools, both you and we will know instantly what the status of a claim is and we can jump on it the very same day. Many claims are rejected because of improper coding or lack of supporting material; these problems are virtually eliminated by working with MediClaims.
We handle all specialties in all locations, across the country.
Our goal is to get the entire process in place for you within one week.
Our daily electronic claims submission leads to immediate carrier response. We offer among the fastest payouts in the industry – most within 10 to 14 days.
Absolutely! MediClaims meets all HIPAA requirements and supports OIG resolutions.
Here’s the beauty of working with MediClaims. Our success is tied to your success. We only charge you a percentage of the collections that result directly from our service. We’ll clearly establish a customized rate for your practice right from the very start. New Medical Practice
Every client, regardless of size, works with a dedicated account manager and a dedicated medical billing team. The client and our staff work on the same practice management and billing system which ensures that every client receives the same quality of service. We welcome working with new medical practices because it gives us an opportunity to help you grow your practice, and we hope the relationship we build will translate into many years of business relationship.
We can setup your account within 2-3 days. Once it is setup you can start entering visits right away, and we can start submitting them for reimbursement within 1 week (if your payer credentials are available).
That’s a common misconception. Actually, it can end up costing you far more money. Consider all your expenses with an in-house staff: salaries, benefits, taxes, hardware and software technology, continual training to keep up with the latest Medicare and insurance changes, retraining when the person you’ve come to rely on moves on from your practice. In the long run – and even the short run – you can often save more by outsourcing.
Not necessarily. You can switch their focus to supporting you with patient care – or with data entry — while we handle all your billing and collections. Of course, if saving costs is important to you you may take a call.
In many cases, we can. We always work with your practice to come up with the best way of transferring data quickly and accurately.
That’s a common concern, of course. The fact is, You can get the answer you’re looking for in literally seconds. You can view insurance payer, verify your new patient’s insurance, set up new visits with comprehensive supplemental information, see which claims have been denied and why, and so much more. No need for one of your staff members to sort through files and make phone calls on your behalf – everything’s right at your fingertips. We would also have a dedicated account manager who would be happy to answer any other questions you may have all through the Day. Established Medical Practice with Outsourced Billing
That’s up to you to decide, of course, but we believe the answer is an emphatic yes! Ask yourself these questions: do you know when your claims are sent and even if they’ve been sent? Can you check on the status of your claims online day or night, or do you need to wait for a cumbersome monthly report? Do they handle patient invoicing and collections? Are they communicating effectively with you? How fast are their collection times?
MediClaims is an expert in getting your claims paid fast and to aggressively fight denials, with our highly-trained medical billing specialists and our state-of-the-art intuitive software. At a time when insurance carriers are using data mining to create virtually millions of edits to reduce payments and deny claims, you can’t afford anything less than the best in making sure you leave no money on the table. A very brief transition period can end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars down the line.
A lot depends on what system your current biller is using, and if that system allows export of data. In many cases you should be able to get at least an Excel file. Once you have the patient data we will work with your practice to come up with the best way of transferring data to our system quickly and accurately.


We are very impressed by the work done by MediClaim for the past 4 years. We have been getting monthly customized reports for billing and collections. Follow ups for open problems are very thorough. It has been a pleasure working with MediClaim for last 4 years.


Baltimore Pulmonary & Critical Care, P.A.

MediClaims is indeed IDEAL billing solution for any medical practice, since they deal with the most complications with our practice of Internal Medicine, other specialties should be a breeze for them. We feel like it’s our own in-house billing the way they handle all aspects of billing from coding, billing, enquiring, resubmitting etc….We have offices at multiple locations and all our staff is happy with MediClaims’s communication and office problem solving. We do not have to deal with any headaches of billing. They do it ALL…. Would recommend them to anyone without a fraction of hesitation.


Dr. Jay S. Amin
Internal Medicine, Tustin, CA

MediClaims: In the last 25 years of my practice for the first time I felt I struck gold, I found MediClaims. MediClaims is prompt, reliable, efficient; have treated my business as their own. They are the best and I will boldly recommend them to all my doctor friends who are in practice.


Jay J Gopal, MD., FAAP.
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Director, PrimeCare PediatricsBaltimore, MD 21218MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

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