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Medical billing agencies can provide a wide range of benefits to healthcare practices. These companies work with all sorts of healthcare providers to managing insurance claims, patient payments and most other aspects of the financial end of business. They often hire accountants and legal consultants to ensure that the companies they work for are given the best possible service. It is understood that the use of these companies is an essential step at improving your business’s success. Without them, you are left to manage the financials on your own or with a small staff.

Why Use Them?

There are many key benefits to hiring medical billing agencies to help you to manage your business’s financial aspects. Hiring these professionals can be a good thing for many reasons. If you have put off hiring a company like this for some time, it may be time to turn to them for additional help and guidance. It may be easier to do so than you realize. The benefits are numerous.

  1. You increase your reputation in the eyes of the patient. By being more efficient and more on time with payment requirements, patients will respect you more so. They are more likely to come back to you repeatedly.
  2. You may see your profits increase, too. By having a better system in place, you will become more profitable. This will increase your productivity while also ensuring that your clients are satisfied. Overall, this will increase your profits and your satisfaction in running a successful establishment.
  3. This type of agency can ensure you meet with all HIPAA requirements and other regulations. This can take a lot of the pressure off you. Be sure to choose an agency that is able to remain in compliance as required under these codes.
  4. By hiring this type of company, you get to focus more time on your patients and growing your business. This reduces the overall impact of not meeting your patient’s needs due to a lack of time. You can spend less time in the office and more time in the patient rooms.

Medical billing agencies can be one of the best investments a healthcare provider can make. By hiring these professionals, a practice can grow and become more successful in the short term. Without them, business as usually will continue to become more difficult to manage. Determine what your goals are for your business and if these companies can enhance your success.


We are very impressed by the work done by MediClaim for the past 4 years. We have been getting monthly customized reports for billing and collections. Follow ups for open problems are very thorough. It has been a pleasure working with MediClaim for last 4 years.


Baltimore Pulmonary & Critical Care, P.A.

MediClaims is indeed IDEAL billing solution for any medical practice, since they deal with the most complications with our practice of Internal Medicine, other specialties should be a breeze for them. We feel like it’s our own in-house billing the way they handle all aspects of billing from coding, billing, enquiring, resubmitting etc….We have offices at multiple locations and all our staff is happy with MediClaims’s communication and office problem solving. We do not have to deal with any headaches of billing. They do it ALL…. Would recommend them to anyone without a fraction of hesitation.


Dr. Jay S. Amin
Internal Medicine, Tustin, CA

MediClaims: In the last 25 years of my practice for the first time I felt I struck gold, I found MediClaims. MediClaims is prompt, reliable, efficient; have treated my business as their own. They are the best and I will boldly recommend them to all my doctor friends who are in practice.


Jay J Gopal, MD., FAAP.
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Director, PrimeCare PediatricsBaltimore, MD 21218MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

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