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Medical billing company can help increase the returns, and reduce the cost of health care professionals to a great extent. The education which health care professionals receive is primarily concentrated on their medical specialty. Most doctors cannot treat patients and manage the billing and accounting of their practice at the same time. Hence the need to outsource this work to Medical billing company.

Medical billing company free you from managing your billing, accounting, and filing claims ex. This gives a boost to your medical practice as it frees you to concentrate on serving your patients and bringing in more business.

The fees of the billing company you choose should be all-inclusive. There should be no hidden fees. The company you choose should be using advanced medical coding and billing software, and update their software regularly, in order for it to comply with the latest Medical billing rules and regulations.

How can you find the best Medical billing companies for your billing/accounting needs? The testimonials that most companies provide you with are probably not the best way to judge the company’s efficiency. What if the company provided you with their best testimonials, and not with the moderate or negative ones it.

When you are searching for your billing company, take the following into consideration: How long have they been in business and what is their track record? How experienced is their staff in medical billing and recovery? How fast do they answer your questions? Medical billing needs to be done in a time-efficient fashion. So it’s important to note responsiveness of the company, in case you asked them any questions. What is their claims’ settlement rate? Industry average claims’ settlement rate for most companies is 20%-30%, anything lower than this number (such as a 15%-20% settlement rate) is good.

There are more than 6,000 to 7,000 Medical billing companies in the USA, and counting. Choosing the best one for you may not be easy due to the large number of companies out there. However, this abundance also provides you with a lot of choice and options to switch to a different company if you are not satisfied with your current billing company.

The staff of your potential billing company includes billing and coding experts, process engineers and technologists (in order to prevent any errors and to overall streamline the whole billing process). Busy doctors need billing companies to help them increase their returns and reduce their expenses while they focus on serving their patients. It’s a perfect solution for an overworked medical professional.


We are very impressed by the work done by MediClaim for the past 4 years. We have been getting monthly customized reports for billing and collections. Follow ups for open problems are very thorough. It has been a pleasure working with MediClaim for last 4 years.


Baltimore Pulmonary & Critical Care, P.A.

MediClaims is indeed IDEAL billing solution for any medical practice, since they deal with the most complications with our practice of Internal Medicine, other specialties should be a breeze for them. We feel like it’s our own in-house billing the way they handle all aspects of billing from coding, billing, enquiring, resubmitting etc….We have offices at multiple locations and all our staff is happy with MediClaims’s communication and office problem solving. We do not have to deal with any headaches of billing. They do it ALL…. Would recommend them to anyone without a fraction of hesitation.


Dr. Jay S. Amin
Internal Medicine, Tustin, CA

MediClaims: In the last 25 years of my practice for the first time I felt I struck gold, I found MediClaims. MediClaims is prompt, reliable, efficient; have treated my business as their own. They are the best and I will boldly recommend them to all my doctor friends who are in practice.


Jay J Gopal, MD., FAAP.
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Director, PrimeCare PediatricsBaltimore, MD 21218MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

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